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Railroad Nicknames

Many railroads had nicknames, both official and unofficial. Official nicknames were created for marketing purposes; these were often printed on schedules or painted on railcar sides. Unofficial nicknames were mostly jibes at the rail companies, usually inspired by their initials.

Official Nicknames

Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic The Bee Line
Atlanta, Birmingham & Coast The ABC
Atlanta, Knoxville & Northern Hiawassee Route
Atlanta & West Point West Point Route, also Atlanta & New Orleans Short Line
Atlantic Coast Line The Standard Railroad of the South
Atlantic, Valdosta & Western Jacksonville Short Line
Bainbridge Northern The Lumber Line
Central of Georgia The Right Way
Chattanooga Southern The Pigeon Mountain Route
East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia The Great Kennesaw Route
Gainesville & Northwestern The Nacoochee Valley Route
Georgia & Alabama Savannah Short Line
Georgia, Florida & Alabama The Sumatra Leaf Route
Georgia Railroad The Stone Mountain Route
Georgia Southern & Florida The Suwanee River Route
Hawkinsville & Florida Southern The Pine Belt Route
Louisville & Nashville The Old Reliable
Macon & Birmingham The Pine Mountain Route
Macon, Dublin & Savannah The Vidalia Route
Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis The Dixie Line, also Lookout Mountain Route
Richmond & Danville Piedmont Air Line
South Carolina & Georgia The Charleston Line
Tallulah Falls Rabun Gap Route
Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia The TAG Route
Waycross & Southern The Okefinokee Route

Unofficial Nicknames

Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic (AB&A) Always Busted & Anxious
Atlantic Coast Line (ACL) Always Comes Late
East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia (ETV&G) Eat Turnips, Vinegar & Greens
Fitzgerald, Ocilla & Broxton (FO&B) Fall Off & Bust
Georgia Coast & Piedmont (GC&P) Get a Crowd & Push
Georgia & Florida (G&F) God Forsaken
Georgia, Florida & Alabama (GF&A) Gophers, Frogs & Alligators
Georgia Southern & Florida (GS&F) Go Slow & Flag
Live Oak, Perry & Gulf (LOP&G) Lean Over, Push & Grunt
Louisville & Nashville (L&N) Late & Never
Louisville & Nashville (Etowah-Marietta line) The Hook & Eye Line
Macon, Dublin & Savannah (MDS) Mighty Damn Slow
Savannah & Atlanta (S&A) Slow & Aggravating
Seaboard Air Line (SAL) Surely Always Late
Seaboard Coast Line (SCL) Service Customers Lack
Seaboard System (SBD) Slowly Breaking Down
Tallulah Falls (TF) Total Failure
Tifton, Thomasville & Gulf (TT&G) Turtles, Terrapins & Gophers
Wrightsville & Tennille (W&T) Wiggle & Twist


• The name Great Kennesaw Route could refer to either the Western & Atlantic or the East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia.

• The Hook & Eye referred to a sharp curve and a loop on the L&N line between Marietta, GA, and Etowah, TN.

• The "SBD" of Seaboard System Railroad was that railroad's "reporting mark." These are standard codes, assigned by the Association of American Railroads, consisting of two to four letters designating individual railroads. The codes are stenciled on railcars. Often the railroad's initials were also its reporting mark. Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage. © Steve Storey

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