Georgia Coast & Piedmont Railroad

The GC&P was a 1906 consolidation of three short lines: the Collins and Reidsville Railroad, built between those two towns in 1896; the Reidsville and Southeastern Railroad, constructed from Reidsville to Ludowici in 1905-06; and the Darien and Western Railroad, built in 1904 between Ludowici and Darien. Principal offices were in Darien.

The railroad also had a 2-mile branch from Crescent to Belleville and a 3-mile branch from Hilton Junction to Foxtown. A September 1915 schedule indicates a 9-mile freight-only branch from Warsaw, on the Seaboard Air Line Railway, to Fairhope, a point to the north.

In March 1914, the line was extended 18 miles south from Darien to Brunswick, a project that included the construction of steel truss bridges over the Darien and Altamaha rivers. After the route was completed, the railroad formed a link in the new Quebec-Miami International Highway, using flatcars to haul automobiles across the rivers and marshes (photo).

In 1916 the railroad had nine locomotives, ten passenger cars, and 148 freight cars.

The GC&P entered receivership in 1915 and was sold in 1919. The Brunswick-Darien-Ludowici section was abandoned the same year while the line north of Ludowici remained in operation as the Collins and Ludowici Railroad.

Maps, Timetables, and Other Information:

1906 timetable (198K)

1907 map (330K)

1910 map (74K)

1915 map (86K)

1916 map (300K)

1917 equipment list (192K)

1918 map and timetable (142K)

Gasoline-powered locomotive of the Georgia Coast & Piedmont Railroad

Baldwin 7-ton gasoline-powered locomotive used on the GC&P.
(From: Railway & Locomotive Engineering, vol. 27, May 1914, p. 197. Online at Internet Archive here).

Altamaha River transfer train of the Georgia Coast & Piedmont Railroad

The locomotive was used on the river tranfer.


GC&P no. 64. Detailed information.

Georgia Coast & Piedmont Railroad locomotive no. 71

GC&P no. 71. Detailed information.

Georgia Coast & Piedmont RR (probable) logging engine by Huron Smith

Photographed in 1910 by ethnobotanist Huron H. Smith, this locomotive was identified as a " C.C. & P. Railway log train," but it was most likely the GC&P given that Smith also photographed various sites in Darien. Uncropped image. (From: Field Museum Library.)


Remnants of a GC&P trestle. (Photo by Jamey Smith.)

A private road follows a short portion of the old route.
(Photo by Jamey Smith.)

Suggested reading:

Buddy Sullivan, Early Days on the Georgia Tidewater: The Story of McIntosh County and Sapelo, Darien, GA: McIntosh County Board of Commissioners, 1990. Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage. © Steve Storey

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