Georgia's rail history began in the 1830s as America was just beginning to build a network of tracks. By the end of 1850 Georgia had the most rail miles of any southern state. More than a century and a half later, it continues to be a railroad leader.

This website traces the growth of the state's rail system from its earliest days to the present. It also looks at the fascinating heritage that Georgia's railroad builders have left us and attempts to serve as a comprehensive guide to that heritage.

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Historical briefs on the railroads of Georgia, past and present. Links help you follow name changes and mergers. Hundreds of maps and timetables.
Odds and Ends. Includes tourist railroads, museums, railfan platforms, tunnels, bridges, rail-trails, roundhouses, turntables, railroad office buildings, depot hotels, Atlanta's railroad Gulch, and more.
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Sources and References. An extensive list of books and other publications on the history of railroads in Georgia.
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Photos of the surviving railroad depots, union stations, and terminal stations in the state. Also includes images of many buildings no longer in existence.
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Steam locomotives in museums and parks in Georgia. Includes wood-burners, narrow-gauge, and a variety of other types.
Fragments. Images of railroads past.
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Streetcars in Georgia. A look at the state's streetcar systems from A to W (Albany to Waycross).

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