Wrightsville & Tennille Railroad

The W&T was chartered in 1883 to build a line from the Central of Georgia at Tennille to Wrightsville, about 17 miles south in Johnson County. Three years later the W&T merged with the newly completed 19-mile Dublin and Wrightsville Railroad, creating a 36-mile line from Tennille to Dublin.

In the 1889 edition of The Official Railway List, the W&T reported operating 36 miles of railroad, 3 locomotives, 2 passenger cars, and 5 freight and miscellaneous cars.

In 1896, the W&T bought the Dublin-to-Hawkinsville line of the Oconee and Western Railroad and consolidated it into its own operations in 1899. The result was a 75-mile line from Tennille to Hawkinsville.

In 1907, the W&T acquired the Dublin and Southwestern Railroad, a 28-mile line between Dublin and Eastman. This would be the last addition to the “Wiggle and Twist,” so called for the many curves along its route.

In 1941, both branches of the railroad west of Dublin were abandoned, leaving several communities in Dodge and Laurens counties without rail service.

Although it had been owned by the Central of Georgia since 1899, the W&T operated independently for most of its existence. In 1971, it was merged into the parent line and today serves as a branch of Norfolk Southern Railway.

W&T office building in Tennille was built in 1903

The Wrightsville & Tennille Railroad's central offfice building still stands in Tennille. The 1903 structure was designed by Charles E. Choate, who designed well-proportioned and beautifully detailed buildings in several Southern states.

W&T caboose No. X10 at Savannah's Roundhouse Railroad Museum

W&T caboose No. X10 has been restored and is on display at the Georgia State Railroad Museum in Savannah.

Maps, Timetables, and Other Information:

1894 timetable (58K)

1895 timetable (207K)

1895 Poor's Manual Report (120K)

1903 map (300K)

1906 timetable (41K)

1908 map (143K)

1910 mileage table (63K)

1917 equipment list (192K)

1929 timetable (208K)

1953 map, Tennille - Wrightsville (206K)

1953 map, Wrightsville - Dublin (170K)

1953 map, Hawkinsville - Dexter (281K)

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