Savannah & Atlanta Railway

The 142-mile Savannah and Atlanta ran from S&A Junction (between Camak and Warrrenton) to Savannah. It was incorporated by the Imbrie Company on December 8, 1915 to build a rail connection between the Georgia Railroad and the Savannah and Northwestern Railway.

Poors’ 1923 Manual took note of the importance of this link: “Its completionS&A logo makes a direct and by 28 miles the shortest route between Atlanta and Savannah. Over this line the Georgia RR obtains its only entrance to Savannah. Road was completed in August, 1916, and was originally operated by the Savannah and Northwestern Ry. under a traffic agreement. In July, 1917, however, the Savannah and Atlanta Ry... absorbed the Savannah and Northwestern Ry.”

S&A diesel locomotive No. 2715

S&A No. 2715 at Savannah's Georgia State Railroad Museum, June 2006.

The line entered receivership in 1921 and was sold in 1929 to Robert M. Nelson. The Central of Georgia bought it from Nelson in 1951 for $3,500,000.

In 1962, the Central abandoned the middle section of the line between Sylvania and Waynesboro and removed the tracks during 1964. The Warrenton-Waynesboro and Shawnee-Savannah sections are currently operated by Norfolk Southern Railway and the Sylvania-Shawnee section is operated by the Ogeechee Railway.

S&A steam locomotive No. 750

Savannah & Atlanta no. 750 is on display at the Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth.

Savannah & Atlanta logo on no. 750's tender.

 Old Savannah & Atlanta Railway bridge near Sylvania

Old Savannah & Atlanta Railway bridge near Sylvania.

Maps, Timetables, and Other Information:

1917 map (270K)

1917 timetable (354K)

1917 equipment list (284K)

1951 map (76K)

1947-57 map, Waynesboro - Sylvania (387K)

1968 map (64K)

Vintage photos of S&A locomotives at Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage. © Steve Storey

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