Savannah & Northwestern Railway

The Savannah & Northwestern was incorporated in June 1910 as the Brinson Railway, replacing the original Brinson Railway chartered in 1906 by George M. Brinson. In 1914, the railroad changed its name to Savannah & Northwestern Railway, as George Brinson was no longer associated with the company.

The Brinson Railway had assembled through purchase of existing tracks and its own construction a line from Savannah to St. Clair (in western Burke County), where it made a connection with the Georgia & Florida Railway.

In March 1914, the S&NW purchased from the Savannah Union Railroad & Terminal Company a 2.4-mile line extending from Newtonville to Port Wentworth. In late 1917, this branch line was sold to the Port Wentworth Terminal Corporation.

In August 1916, the new Savannah & Atlanta Railway completed a connection from the Savannah & Northwestern at St. Clair to the Georgia Railroad at Warrenton and Camak. The Savannah & Northwestern operated this extension under a traffic agreement until July 1917, when it was merged into the Savannah & Atlanta.

Maps and Other Information:

1915 mileage table (60K)

1916 map (120K)

1917 equipment list (310K) Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage. © Steve Storey

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