Blandford Depot

In October 2011 the former Blandford depot was moved to the Historic Effingham Society's Living History Site in Springfield, where it was restored and opened to visitors in 2013.

Blandford was a small community on the Brinson Railroad west of Rincon and six miles down the tracks from Springfield. It was named for Richard A. Blandford, chief engineer of the Brinson, who laid out the line. The Brinson Railroad later became the Savannah & Northwestern and then the Savannah & Atlanta. The rail line now is part of Norfolk Southern.

Originally located beside the tracks at Blandford, Blue Jay, and McCall roads, the depot was moved in 1967 to a farm on Blue Jay Road where it was used as a barn for many years. Recognizing its historical importance, the family of the farm owner donated it to the Historic Effingham Society to encourage its preservation. Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage. © Steve Storey

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