Brinson Railway

Brinson Railway

Chartered in 1906 to build a line from Savannah to Sylvania, the Brinson Railway was a project of George M. Brinson, a businessman who had built the Stillmore Air Line Railway a few years earlier. Construction began at Savannah, with the rails reaching Springfield in 1907 and Newington in 1909.

At the time the Central of Georgia’s main line followed a route from Savannah through Pooler, Bloomingdale, Meldrim, Eden, Marlow, Guyton, and Egypt to Oliver. Branching off this line at Egypt was the near-bankrupt Savannah Valley Railroad, a 30-mile line running through Newington and Sylvania to Millhaven.

Seeking to avoid unnecessary construction of trackage, Brinson purchased the Savannah Valley and incorporated its Newington-to-Millhaven tracks into his route. The 9-mile segment from Newington to Egypt was leased to the Southeastern Lumber Company.

From Millhaven, Brinson began building west, reaching Waynesboro in 1911 and St. Clair in 1913. At St. Clair the railroad connected with the Georgia & Florida Railway.

Brinson planned to continue the line northwest to Athens, but was unable to do so. He ended his association with the company in 1914. On March 26, 1914, the railroad changed its name to the Savannah & Northwestern Railway.

Maps and Timetables:

1907 timetable (57K)

1910 map (40K)

1910 map (115K)

1913 map (286K)

From: Report of the Railroad Commission of Georgia, 1907.


Brinson Railway, 1913 mileage table

* Indicates non-agency stations. From: Report of the Railroad Commission of Georgia, 1913. Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage. © Steve Storey.

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