Sale City Depot

The depot at Sale City was a fixture alongside the long-gone Flint River & Northeastern Railroad, a 23-mile short line link between Pelham and the Georgia Northern Railway.

The two photos above were made in 2011. Below is one made about thirty years earlier.


Sale City depot in early 2015, from West Broad Street

The depot stands at the northwest corner of West Broad Street and Kreuger Street, a block west of the town center. This photo, made in early 2015, shows the continuing deterioration of the roof. (Photo by David Ray)


Sale City depot in early 2015

View of the north end of the building from Kreuger Street. (2015 photo by David Ray)


Sale City was named for T.D. Sale, an entrepreneur with various business interests in the area. He was president of the FR&NE in 1904 and later a major timber property owner and sawmill operator in western Florida. Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage. © Steve Storey

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