LaGrange Depots

For a few years in the first quarter of the twentieth century, LaGrange had three depots on Depot Street: the 1911 Atlanta & West Point passenger station (above), the Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic depot across the tracks to its northwest, and the Macon & Birmingham depot across another set of tracks to its southeast.

The struggling M&B failed financially and was abandoned in the early 1920s. The AB&A became the Atlanta, Birmingham & Coast in 1926. It came under the control of Atlantic Coast Line, which also controlled the A&WP through its lease of the railroad properties of the Georgia Railroad and Banking Company. (Actually, ACL had only half of the lease, with the Louisville & Nashville holding the other half. ACL, however, also controlled L&N.)

ACL became Seaboard Coast Line in 1967, then Seaboard System Railroad (along with the A&WP) in 1982. Seaboard System lasted only a short while before becoming CSX in 1986.

Along the way LaGrange lost its M&B and AB&A depots. The A&WP depot lasted into the CSX era, but it too became only a memory when it was demolished, despite a local effort to save it, in the 1990s.

1921 Sanborn map showing the three depots (134K)

An earlier A&WP depot at LaGrange. (From: The Heart of the South along the line of the Atlanta & West Point RR. Atlanta: Atlanta & West Point RR and Western Railway of Alabama, 1898. Online at Internet Archive.) Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage. © Steve Storey

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