Waycross Air Line Railroad

Waycross in horse and buggy days

Waycross in horse and buggy days.


The Waycross Air Line Railroad was chartered Oct. 24, 1887, and the first 25 miles of road, from Waycross to Sessoms, opened in 1890. The line was extended to Nicholls in 1897, to Douglas in 1900, and to Fitzgerald in 1901. In November 1901, the railroad’s charter was amended to authorize an extension to Birmingham and to change the name to Atlantic & Birmingham Railroad.

Note: At the time, "Air Line" referred to a direct route, or at least a route more direct than that of any competitor.

Maps, Timetables, and Other Information:

1892 map (69K)

1893 map (133K)

1895 timetable (60K)

1898 map (86K)

1899 timetable (71K)

1900 map (57K)

1900 timetable (160K)

1901 equipment list (53K)


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