Washington & Lincolnton Railroad

Lincolnton, Georgia

Lincolnton, Georgia.

The Washington and Lincolnton Railroad Company was incorporated in 1914, and its 20-mile line between those two towns was completed in 1918. It was financed by the Georgia Railroad which connected with the W&L at Washington. The line was abandoned in 1932.

Places along its route included Logan, Quincy, Florence, Metasville, Lovelace, and Langston.

W&L locomotive no. 203 avoided the scrapper's torch and now operates on the Three Rivers Rambler tourist train in Knoxville, TN. (See photo at RailPictures.net.)

Maps and Other Information:

1917 equipment register (118K)

1921 map (58K)

1922 listing in Poors Manual (134K)

1931 map (38K)

From: Official Guide of the Railways, April 1918.

Washington & Lincolnton RR, 1929 timetable

From: Official Guide of the Railways, July 1929.

Washington & Lincolnton Railroad, 1930 timetable

From: Russell's Railway Guide, ca. 1930.




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