Talbotton Railroad

Talbot County Courthouse

Talbot County Courthouse, Talbotton


Although chartered on August 23, 1872, the 7-mile Talbotton Railroad was not opened until May 4, 1881. An infusion of funds from the Central of Georgia finally completed the line, but in return the Talbotton’s owners had to turn over a majority of their stock to the Central.

The line connected Talbotton with the Southwestern Railroad at Bostick (later renamed Paschal, now Junction City).

In the 1889 edition of The Official Railway List, the Talbotton Railroad reported operating 1 locomotive, 1 passenger car, and 4 freight and miscellaneous cars. In the 1894 List it was 3 locomotives, 2 passenger cars, and 5 freight and miscellaneous cars.

In 1906 the new Atlanta, Birmingham and Atlantic Railroad was built a short distance west of and parallel to the Talbotton Railroad. The AB&A had combined existing lines in south Georgia with extensive new construction to create a major rail line from the Georgia coast to Birmingham, with a branch to Atlanta.

The Talbotton Railroad was abandoned in 1957.


1907 map (26K)

1913 map (148K)

1920 map (22K)

1953 map (127K)

From: Travelers' Official Railway Guide for the United States and Canada, September 1882. 

Talbotton RR listing in 1906 Official Guide

From: Official Guide of the Railways, 1906.

From: Official Guide of the Railways, April 1918.


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