South Brunswick Railroad

After the foreclosure of the South Brunswick Terminal Railroad, the 17.5-mile line from Brunswick to Waynesville was sold and reorganized as the South Brunswick Railroad.

In November 1899, the railroad reported operating 2 locomotives, along with 21 flat cars, 10 gondolas, 20 box cars, 1 caboose, 2 coaches, and 1 combination car for a total of 55 cars. Track gauge was stated at 4 feet, 9 inches, and the superintendent was identified as J. Pearce Smith.

The line was abandoned sometime around 1900.

1898 Rand McNally map (133K)

1898 Cram map (66K)

From: Twenty-sixth Report of the Railroad Commission of Georgia, 1898. Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage. © Steve Storey

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