Savannah & Southern Railway

Altamaha River.


On September 20, 1909, the Savannah & Southern was chartered to build a railroad from Savannah to the Altamaha River, a navigable waterway about 50 miles distant.

Construction began at Norden, a point on the Seaboard Air Line Railway between Pembroke and Ellabell, and headed southwest towards Glennville. By 1911, the S&S had built the standard gauge line as far as Willie, but it was not until 1916 that it was completed to Glennville. The connection to the Altamaha was never made.

Equipment reported in 1916 included 4 locomotives, 3 passenger cars, 15 boxcars, and 20 flatcars.

The 32-mile railroad was abandoned in 1923-24. Most of its former route is now within 280,000-acre Fort Stewart, an Army training center established in 1940.

Maps and Other Information:

1915 map (23K)

1917 equipment list (148K)

1920 map (40K)

1919 map, Glennville - Strain (295K)


From: Official Guide of the Railways, April 1918. Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage. © Steve Storey

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