Sandersville Railroad

When the Sandersville & Tennille Railroad declined offers by the Central of Georgia to acquire trackage rights on its 4-mile line in the early 1890s, the Central decided to build its own line between Tennille and Sandersville. The result was the Sandersville Railroad, chartered in November 1893, and completed soon afterwards.

Poor’s 1917 Manual reported that the Sandersville had two locomotives and two cars operating over four miles of track.

In 1957, the line was extended another five miles to a kaolin mine near Sandersville. It is currently operating as a 9-mile line from Tennille north to the mines and processing plants. The railroad's nickname is The Kaolin Road.

Sandersville Railroad locomotives 1300 and 1400

Sandersville RR nos. 1300 and 1400 at Tennille, ca. 2004.


1897 map (127K)

2000 map (13K)

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Sandersville Railroad website.

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From Official Guide of the Railways, 1896.

Sandersville RR listing in 1906 Official Guide

From Official Guide of the Railways, 1906.


Sancersville Railroad, 1940 timetable

From Official Guide of the Railways, 1940.

Sandersville Railroad locomotives, Sandersville, Georgia

Sandersville Railroad nos. 1500 and 1300 at Tennille, ca. 2004.

Sandersville Railroad train meeting Norfolk Southern train, Sandersville, Georgia, ca. 2004

Switching railcars with Norfolk Southern, ca. 2004.


Sandersville cars roll onto Norfolk Southern tracks near Tennille's old water tower.

Kaolin drying sheds, 1907. (From: Georgia: The Empire State of the South. Agricultural Department, State of Georgia. Online at Internet Archive here.) Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage. © Steve Storey

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