Richmond & West Point Terminal Railway &
Warehouse Company

Incorporated in Virginia in 1880, this holding company was organized in the interests of the Richmond & Danville Railroad Company for the purpose of acquiring control of railroads not directly connecting with it. The R&D was prohibited by its charter from owning the stock of non-connecting lines. The Terminal Company was given authority to acquire the stocks and bonds of railroad companies in Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, Kentucky, and Alabama.

One of the Terminal Company’s arms, the Richmond & Danville Extension Company, was incorporated in New Jersey in 1881 with the authority to construct and equip railroads throughout the nation. The Extension Company constructed the Georgia Pacific Railway from Atlanta to Greenville, Mississippi.

By November of 1887, the Terminal Company controlled 4,500 miles of railroad including the Georgia Pacific, the Atlanta & Charlotte Air Line, the East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia, and the Northeastern Railroad of Georgia. In 1888, the Central of Georgia was added to the system, under questionable circumstances.

The company entered receivership in 1892 and was dissolved and replaced by the Southern Railway Company in 1894. The new company, organized by J. P. Morgan, took over the properties of the Richmond & Danville, the East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia, and a number of the R&D’s subsidiary lines. Due to lawsuits that had challenged the Terminal Company's control of the Central, it was not included in the new system.

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