Pelham & Havana Railroad

Pelham and Havana railroad depot at Havana, Florida.
(State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory)


The Pelham & Havana was incorporated March 21, 1908 to build a rail line from Pelham, Georgia, to Havana, Florida. The line between Cairo and Calvary was built first, in 1910. By 1914 the railroad had been extended to Darsey, Florida, on the state line. In 1918 it reached Havana, some 25 miles from Cairo.

The railroad’s general offices were in Cairo.

In 1917 it reported 2 locomotives and 3 cars. In 1922, it reported 1 locomotive and 2 cars.

The part of the line from Cairo to Pelham was never built. The entire line was abandoned in 1924.

Maps, Timetables, and Other Information:

1910 timetable (40K)

1915 map (20K)

1917 equipment list (133K)

1918 timetable (22K)

1920 map (28K)

1921 map (90K)

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