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Roundhouses and Turntables

Georgia has two locomotive turntables still in operation, one at the former Central of Georgia roundhouse at the Georgia State Railroad Museum in Savannah and the other in a city park in downtown Summerville.

The 85-foot turntable at Savannah's Georgia State Railroad Museum dates back to 1925.

The operator's booth rotates with the turntable.

Summerville's 100-foot turntable, built in 1916, was moved from Birmingham in 1999. Here it handles the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum's no. 610.
(More information and photos here).

In Hartwell an inoperative turntable remains in place near the eastern end of the old Hartwell Railroad. The community is currently looking at funding options for restoring it as part of a Railroad Street revitalization project.
(Photo by Evan Thibeault).


Central of Georgia roundhouse, Atlanta

Georgia Railroad roundhouse, Atlanta

Macon & Western roundhouse, Atlanta

Western & Atlantic roundhouse, Atlanta

Air-Line Shops, Atlanta

ETV&G Shops, Atlanta

Hulsey Yard Roundhouse, Atlanta

Roundhouses at Inman, Hill Park, and Howell Yards Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage. © Steve Storey

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