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Streetcars in Waycross

Although the Waycross Street Railway Company was incorporated in October of 1889, it would be years before the City Council and the street railway investors could agree on the franchise terms. Finally, in 1912, the Waycross Street & Suburban Railway Company was chartered and construction began not long afterwards.

In 1914, McGraw Electric Railway Manual reported that the company had slightly over seven miles of track with five motor cars, three trail cars (all of the prepayment type), and one service car. The general office was at 4 Jane Street; the power station was at 33 Satilla Lane; and the repair shops were on Johnson Street. The company president was L.J. Cooper and the general manager was N.B. Rhoads.

In the State Comptroller General’s Report for 1916, the company was listed as a 5.5-mile system that earned enough to pay $200 in state taxes.

The cars ran from the depot to Winona Park and neighborhoods in the northwest part of the city.

Map shows location of the streetcar car barn at Genoa Street and Johnson Avenue in Waycross, GA..

The railway's car barn was at Genoa Street and Johnson Avenue (U.S. 1), alongside the Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic Railroad.

Downtown Waycross today. Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage. © Steve Storey

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