Milledgeville & Gordon Railroad

The Milledgeville & Gordon, one of the state's earliest railroads, was chartered in 1837 and was opened in 1852. The 17-mile line connected Milledgeville, then the state capital, with the main line of the Central of Georgia at Gordon. Soon after completion, the M&G acquired a northern connection to Eatonton when the Eatonton Branch Railroad opened for business.

The M&G was acquired by the Central in 1855.

Federal troops raising the Stars and Stripes over the Georgia capitol

View of the capitol at Millledgeville, GA. -- Federal soldiers hoisting the Stars and Stripes. (From: The Soldier in our Civil War, Vol. 2, 1893. Online at Internet Archive.)

1855 listing from Mitchell's new traveller's guide through the United States and the Canadas.... Online at Internet Archive here.


1859 map (305K)

Civil war period map (45K) Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage. © Steve Storey

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