Greene County Railroad

Cotton Weighed and Stored, old sign on brick warehouse, Monroe, Georgia

Monroe, Georgia.


In 1907, the Bostwick Railroad constructed a rail line from Bostwick, a small town in northern Morgan County, eastward to Apalachee, a community on the Central of Georgia's Athens-Macon line. Another line from Monroe to Bostwick was built in 1911 by the Greene County Railroad. The following year the Greene County Railroad purchased the Bostwick Railroad, which had entered receivership, and operated the 19 miles of consolidated track under its own name.

The railroad's name is odd because none of its tracks ever entered Greene County, which lies a few miles east of Apalachee. Perhaps it was the owners' intention to build such an extension, and the railroad was named with that in mind. A possibly relevant fact is the name of the railroad's president, Forest Greene.

The line was abandoned in 1942.

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Maps, Timetables, and Other Information:

1913 map (35K)

1916 map (91K)

1917 equipment list (120K)

1918 timetable (26K)

1929 timetable (170K)

1931 map (44K) Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage. © Steve Storey

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