Georgia, Ashburn, Sylvester & Camilla Railway

South Georgia businessman J.N. Pidcock organized the GAS&C Railway in May, 1922 to purchase the Ashburn-Camilla line from the Gulf Line Railway which was owned by the Hawkinsville and Florida Southern. The HF&S had entered receivership and was ordered to be sold. Pidcock operated the GAS&C as part of his Georgia Northern Railway system.

In 1966 Southern Railway took over the line and, in 1972, merged it and the Albany & Northern into the Georgia Northern.


Ashburn-to-Sylvester abandoned 1971.
Bridgeboro-to-Sylvester abandoned 1982.
Camilla to Bridgeboro abandoned sometime after 1985.

Maps and Other Information:

1949 map (65K)

1953 map, Ashburn - Sylvester (165K)

1953 map, Sylvester - Camilla (374K)

GAS&C locomotive no. 100 in Sylvester. 

Photo and specs of GAS&C no. 15 at


From: Official Guide of the Railways, August, 1955. Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage. © Steve Storey

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