Flovilla & Indian Springs Railway

Flovilla and Indian Springs dummy locomotive

The Flovilla & Indian Springs Railway was organized on April 11, 1897 as successor to the Indian Springs & Flovilla Railroad, which had been sold under foreclosure. The 3-mile railway connected the Indian Springs park and resort with the town of Flovilla, which was on the Southern Railway (former East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia) between Atlanta and Macon.

In 1917, the F&IS reported operating 2.62 miles of standard-gauge railroad with two locomotives and six cars. The locomotive in the photo above may be one of the two. It was called The Dummy, which may have been a holdover from the days of steam engines disguised to look like streetcars.


Porter locomotive of the type used on the Flovilla & Indian Springs Railroad

The F&IS used a Porter back-truck tank locomotive. Details.


In writing about the sale of steam dummies replaced by electric streetcars in Atlanta, historian Franklin M. Garrett noted, "The Flovilla & Indian Springs Railroad bought four cars along with one of the larger engines."* Garrett did not say if the engine was one of the disguised types.

The advance of automobile travel and the disruptions of World War I caused the Flovilla & Indian Springs to cease operations in December 1918.


Scene at Indian Springs, Ga.

Scene at Indian Springs. (From S. W. McCallie, A Preliminary Report on the Mineral Springs of Georgia, Geological Survey of Georgia, 1913.)


* Franklin M. Garrett. Atlanta and Environs; A Chronicle of Its People and Events. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1969. (Originally published by Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1954).


1907 map (38K)

Area topo map (270K)


Suggested Reading:

Martha F. Norwood. The Indian Springs Hotel as a Nineteenth-Century Watering Place. Atlanta: Georgia Department of Natural Resources, 1978. Online at Internet Archive here. (Although there is little information on the Flovilla & Indian Springs Railroad, this publication provides an overview of the development of Indian Springs as a resort.)


Flovilla & Indian Springs RR listing in Official Guide

From: Official Guide of the Railways, 1906.

From: Official Guide of the Railways, 1918.


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