Cuyler & Woodburn Railroad

The Cuyler & Woodburn built a 13-mile line between those two communities in 1894. Poors 1897 Manual reported that an extension was projected from Woodburn to Statesboro, a distance of 20 miles.

The railroad's directors in 1896 included A.A. Adams of Hubert, Ga., W.H. Cone of Ivanhoe, Ga., and J.H. Blitch of Blitchton, Ga. Its general offices were in Hubert.

The property was sold under foreclosure in March, 1897 to A.A. Adams who reorganized the line as the Savannah and Statesboro Railway.

1897 map (52K)

1898 map (40K)

From: Official Guide of the Railways, 1897. Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage. © Steve Storey.

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