Brunswick & Florida Railroad

Brunswick & Florida Railroad

The Brunswick & Florida was chartered in 1835 to open up southern Georgia and northern Florida to the port of Brunswick by building a rail line to Chattahoochee, FL. Progress was slow, however, and by 1858-59 the line was completed only from Brunswick to a connection with the Atlantic & Gulf Railroad at Glenmore.

At Schlatterville, about 12 miles east of Glenmore, the railroad branched, with a second line running northwest towards Albany. This northern leg crossed the A&G at Tebeauville (also known as Yankee Town and later renamed Waycross). By the time of the Civil War, this branch had reached only to Waresboro.

In 1863 the Confederate government seized the railroad and took up its 60 miles of completed tracks for reuse in more militarily important regions.

After the war, the line lay in ruins until 1869 when the state approved aid for rebuilding. A total of $6 million in state-endorsed bonds was provided to well-connnected entrepreneur Hannibal I. Kimball (whose new Kimball House hotel in Atlanta was one of the South's finest) to construct a 235-mile line. Kimball reorganized the company and renamed it the Brunswick & Albany Railroad.


1859 map (314K)

1860 map (298K)

Civil War period map (38K)

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