Augusta, Gibson & Sandersville

early train

Incorporated in Georgia in 1884, the AG&S opened from Augusta to Stapleton in September, 1885; to Avera the following month; and to Gibson on December 10th. In June of 1886 the line reached Mitchell; in October it came to Warthen; and on November 28, 1886, it was completed to Sandersville, some 80 miles from Augusta.

In 1889 it operated 4 locomotives, 8 passenger cars, and 43 freight and miscellaneous cars. The president and general manager was R. M. Mitchell of Augusta.

Originally built with narrow-gauge (3-ft.) track, it was converted to standard gauge in 1895.

After entering receivership it was reorganized in 1893 and renamed the Augusta Southern Railroad.

Maps and Other Information: 

1892 map (69K)

1893 listing in Poors Manual (145K)

Augusta, Gibson & Sandersville Railroad, 1885 timetable Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage. © Steve Storey.

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