Wadley Depot

The old freight depot at Wadley is barely visible behind a hodgepodge of signs, canopies, additions, and stuff in this view to the west. To the right is the former mainline of the Central of Georgia, now in use by Norfolk Southern. A couple of blocks west is the junction with the Louisville & Wadley Railroad, a ten-mile line that ran north to a terminus at Louisville.

Long gone are the tracks of the Wadley Southern. It connected with the Central at a point near where the photographer was standing and extended south to Swainsboro and Collins with a separate branch to Kite, Adrian, and the Oconee River.

If the photographer turned to his right (and went back in time a number of years), he could have snapped a photo of Wadley's Union Depot. It was a Stick-Styled wooden structure with a two-story center section. A couple of late-1940s photos of the building are online at John Carr's Carrtracks.com website, along with several other fascinating old photographs of Wadley and Louisville.

Wadley is a town of 2,031 in Jefferson County, in eastern Georgia.

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