Brunswick Depots

Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic freight depot in 1965. The AB&A eventually became part of the Atlantic Coast Line.

1965 photo. Photographer unknown, Brian Ezzelle collection.

Built in 1905-06, the Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic freight and passenger stations stood on the north side of Brunswick's famous Oglethorpe Hotel, which the AB&A purchased in 1907. The freight station is in the foreground, and the passenger station is beside it on the right. When this photo was made in 1965, the stations belonged to the Atlantic Coast Line.



Oglethorpe Hotel and AB&A passenger depot in Brunswick

Oglethorpe Hotel (left) and AB&A passenger depot (right).


Oglethorpe Hotel and Southern and ACL passenger depot.

The Southern Railway and Atlantic Coast Line passenger station stood at the rear of the Oglethorpe Hotel.


1908 Sanborn map showing AB&A depots and Oglethorpe Hotel in Brunswick, GA

This 1908 Sanborn map shows the AB&A depots and the north side of the Oglethorpe Hotel. Complete map is online at Digital Library of Georgia.

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