Albany Depots

Albany's 1912 Union Station at 100 Roosevelt Avenue once served the Central of Georgia, Seaboard Air Line, Atlantic Coast Line, Georgia Northern, and Albany & Northern.

In the 1970s it was rehabilitated for a new role as part of the Thronateeska Heritage Center. Exhibits include a 1911 steam locomotive.

The design shows influences of the Prairie style of architecture from the
early 1900s.

The station stands at the east end of Roosevelt Avenue. The brick-paved street with its old streetcar rails has been preserved.

Old postcard view of Albany Union Depot front

Above, an old postcard view shows the dormers and red tile roof that were originally part of the station. A tornado on February 10, 1940 ripped off the dormers and much of the roof, along with the canopy on the left. When the building was repaired, the dormers were not replaced.

On the north side of the Union Depot is its predecessor (above). Built in 1857, this was the city's first depot.

View of the 1857 depot from the active tracks.

south facade of 1857 depot.


Photo of 1857 Albany depot

A 2004 photo of the 1857 depot.

The 1919 Railway Express Agency building (above) is another survivor from Albany's railroad past. The Spanish Colonial Revival structure stands between the 1857 and 1912 depots. Behind it in the photo above is a science museum constructed in 2008.

A small buildiing near the 1857 and 1912 depots in Albany

The REA building before rehabilitation (2004 photo). Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage. © Steve Storey

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