Monroe Railroad (1833)

Chartered in December 1833, the Monroe Railroad was one of Georgia’s earliest rail lines. Built initially to link Macon with the nearby Monroe County town of Forsyth, it was soon extended northwest in an attempt to connect with the planned Western & Atlantic Railroad at Atlanta.

The first train between Macon and Forsyth ran in December 1838, and the road reached Griffin in 1842. Unfortunately, insufficient capital and an economic depression bankrupted the company. It was sold in 1845 to Daniel Tyler, who renamed it the Macon & Western Railroad.

Monroe Railroad & Banking Company offices, Macon, GA

Offices of the Monroe Railroad & Banking Company in Macon. The building later became Macon City Hall.

A later Monroe Railroad was established in 1904 to take over the former Walton Railroad line between Monroe and Social Circle, two towns in Walton County. It was not related to the company discussed here. Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage. © Steve Storey

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