Atlanta & Richmond Air-Line Railway

The Atlanta & Richmond Air-Line was organized in North Carolina in 1870, combining the Georgia Air-Line Railroad Company and the Air-Line Railroad Company of South Carolina. It was controlled by the Richmond & Danville Railroad, a predecessor of Southern Railway. The R&D planned to build a line from Charlotte, N.C. to Atlanta but could not do so under its own name due to limitations in its charter.

The first 53 miles from Atlanta were finished by 1871. In 1872, the R&D extended its credit to guarantee the last stages of construction. The entire line was completed in September, 1873.

Much of the grading was done through the manual labor of convicts leased to Grant, Alexander & Company by the state. During the three years of construction, as many as 200 prisoners were forced to work on the line.

The company entered receivership in November, 1874 and was sold under foreclosure in December, 1876. The new bondholders reorganized the line as the Atlanta & Charlotte Air-Line Railway in February 1877.

Note: At the time, "Air-Line" referred to a direct route, or at least a route more direct than that of any competitor.

Maps and Timetables:

ca. 1870 map of entire line at North Carolina Maps

1872 map, Atlanta section (305K)

1873 map, Georgia section (74K)

1874 timetable (670K)

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Buford, in northern Gwinnett County, was named for the railroad's president, Algernon Sidney Buford.

Atlanta & Richmond Air Line Railway, 1870 description

1870 prospectus for the A&RAL Ry. Complete publication is online at HathiTrust Digital Library here.

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