Atlanta Depots

Five Atlanta depots

Of the many passenger stations and freight depots that stood in Atlanta at one time or another, only three survive today: Peachtree Station, the Georgia Railroad Freight Depot, and a small Atlanta & West Point freight depot. The great passenger structures, Terminal Station and Union Station, were demolished in the early 1970s. Most of the freight depots were also torn down, usually replaced by parking lots. The city that was created to be a rail center has few existing reminders of its railroading past.

Terminal Station

Union Station of 1930

Union Station of 1871

Union Station of 1853

Aerial view of Terminal and Union stations

Peachtree Station (Brookwood Station)*

East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Passenger Station

East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Freight Depot

Georgia Railroad Freight Depot*

Georgia Railroad Passenger Depot

Central of Georgia Freight Depot, Mitchell Street

Central of Georgia Freight Depot, Alabama Street

L&N Freight Depot

Seaboard Freight Depot

Atlanta & West Point Freight Depot (Ormewood Station)*

Atlanta & West Point Freight Depot, 1871

Air-Line Freight Depot

Western & Atlantic Depot

Macon & Western Depot

Birds-eye view of Atlanta depots in 1871 -- East side -- West side

Birds-eye view of Atlanta depots in 1892 -- East side -- West side

Birds-eye view of Atlanta depots in 1919 -- East side -- West side

Dixie Terminal 

* Building still stands

Suggested Reading:

David H. Steinberg and the Southeastern Railway Museum. When Atlanta Took the Train. Mount Pleasant, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2018. Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage. © Steve Storey

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