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Pine Mountain Tunnel Site
Warm Springs area

Highway bridge over railroad cut on Pine Mountain

Highway bridge over railroad cut at tunnel site.


A 350-ft railroad tunnel once carried the Georgia Midland & Gulf Railroad (later Southern Railway) trains through Pine Mountain in west central Georgia. This tunnel, probably built in 1886-87, was located on the Columbus-to-McDonough line a few miles south of Warm Springs. It was "daylighted" by Southern, meaning the ground above the tunnel was dug away, converting the tunnel into an open cut. This work was likely done in 1912-13, as the following reports suggest:

"Southern Railway. – A contract has been given to the Callahan Construction Company, Knoxville, Tenn., for converting the 350-ft. tunnel between Nebula, Ga., and Pinedale on the Atlantic-Columbus line into an open cut." (Railway Age Gazette, Sept. 27, 1912.)

"Southern Railway. – This company will begin work at once on the excavation for converting the tunnel between Nebula, Ga., and Pinedale on the Atlantic-Columbus Line into an open cut. This tunnel, which pierces Pine mountain has given trouble on more than one occasion, and in 1904, following a fire which burnt out a portion of the lining, there was a serious cave-in, which interfered with traffic."
(The Lumber Trade Journal, October 1, 1912).

Pinedale was just south of the tunnel/cut in the northwestern corner of Talbot County. Its primary feature was the Pine Mountain Sanatorium, a 30-bed hospital for people suffering from incipient and moderately advanced cases of tuberculosis.

A highway bridge now passes over the tunnel site. The rail line was abandoned in 1988. (On GA 190 about a mile east of GA 85.)


The Pine Mountain tunnel was located on Southern Railway west of Manchester and south of Nebula. From: Warm Springs quadrangle, 1:62,500-scale topographic map. U. S. Geological Survey, 1934. Online at Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, University of Texas at Austin.

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