Streetcars of the Chattanooga Area
Rossville and Fort Oglethorpe lines - 1917

The Chattanooga Rapid Transit Company streetcar line, which opened in 1900, is shown as the rail line running down the center of the map. For a short distance the CRTC line ran alongside a spur line of the Central of Georgia Railway which extended from McFarland Gap to the fort.

The Central of Georgia main line shown along the left side of the map was built as the Chattanooga, Rome & Columbus, later becoming the Chattanooga, Rome & Southern. Purchased by the Central in 1901, it continues in rail use today as the Chattooga & Chickamauga Railway. The old interurban line has long been replaced by Park City Road.

Not shown on the map is the second streetcar line between Rossville and Fort Oglethorpe, built by Chattanooga Railway & Light Company to the east of the CRTC line. Begun in 1912, it was not completed until 1917.

(From Map of Maneuver Grounds, Chickamauga Park and Vicinity, 1917. Entire map is online at University of Alabama Map Library.) Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage. © Steve Storey.

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