Macon & Northern Railroad
1898 map

The Macon & Northern is shown in red in the center of the map. In 1898, when the map was published, it was a new branch of the Central of Georgia. So was the Middle Georgia & Atlantic, which crossed the former Macon & Northern at Machen.

Other Central lines are shown passing through Milledgeville, Gordon, Griswoldville, Macon, McElroy, Lorane, and Bolingbroke. The red line passing through Juliette and Jackson is the Southern Railway. A small part of the Macon & Birmingham is seen in the lower left corner.

In green running from Macon to Milledgeville and beyond is the Georgia Railroad. The green lines at the top of the map are Georgia Railroad except for the line north of Social Circle which at the time was the Gainesville, Jefferson & Southern.

The black line passing through Lawrenceville, Winder, and Athens was the Georgia, Carolina & Northern.

From: Georgia [map]. George F. Cram, 1898. Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage. © Steve Storey

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