Flovilla & Indian Springs Railway

Flovilla and Indian Springs dummy locomotive

The Flovilla & Indian Springs Railway was organized on April 11, 1897 as successor to the Indian Springs & Flovilla Railroad, which had been sold under foreclosure.

The 3-mile railway connected the Indian Springs park and resort with the town of Flovilla, which was on the Southern Railway (former East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia) between Atlanta and Macon.

In 1917, the F&IS reported operating 2.62 miles of standard-gauge railroad with two locomotives and six cars. The locomotive in the above photo may be one of the two. It was called The Dummy, which may have been a holdover from the days of steam engines disguised to look like streetcars.

In writing about the sale of steam dummies replaced by electric streetcars in Atlanta, historian Franklin M. Garrett noted, "The Flovilla & Indian Springs Railroad bought four cars along with one of the larger engines."* The engine may have been one of the disguised variety. Perhaps it was replaced by the locomotive above, but the dummy name stuck.

The Flovilla & Indian Springs ceased operations in December of 1918.


Scene at Indian Springs, Ga.

Scene at Indian Springs. (From S. W. McCallie, A Preliminary Report on the Mineral Springs of Georgia, Geological Survey of Georgia, 1913.)


* Franklin M. Garrett. Atlanta and Environs; A Chronicle of Its People and Events. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1969. (Originally published by Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1954).


1907 map (38K)

Area topo map (270K)


Suggested Reading:

Martha F. Norwood. The Indian Springs Hotel as a Nineteenth-Century Watering Place. Atlanta: Georgia Department of Natural Resources, 1978. Online at Internet Archive here. (Although there is little information on the Flovilla & Indian Springs Railroad, this publication provides an overview of the development of Indian Springs as a resort.)


Flovilla & Indian Springs RR listing in Official Guide

From: Official Guide of the Railways, 1906.

From: Official Guide of the Railways, 1918.


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