ACL Freight Depot at Waycross

In the summer of 1981, Waycross's old Atlantic Coast Line freight depot was moved from its original location on the south side of downtown to the Okefenokee Heritage Center about three miles to the northwest. Because the building was some 250 feet long, it was cut into five sections for the move. Once at the Center, two of the sections were joined to create an exhibit called the Old Nine Depot; two other sections became a meeting facility; and the fifth section became a carpentry shop.

The depot exhibit, along with the adjacent steam locomotive and rolling stock, commemorates the city's beginnings as a railroad water stop known as No. 9, as it was the ninth stop on its route. The building replaces an earlier depot brought from Hoboken, about 14 miles east, which burned in early 1981.

Two of the five sections of the original depot were joined to create the
Old Nine Depot exhibit, above.

On the other side of the train, two sections were put together to form a meeting facility; it's known as the WareHouse, named for Ware County. (Building on right, above).

The fifth of the five sections became the museum's carpentry shop.

Before its move, the depot stood at the rail junction at the end of Folks Street, south of present-day U.S. 84/Francis Street. (Folks Street was later cut off by the reconstruction of U.S. 82/GA 520.)

The ACL depot is shown on this 1922 Sanborn map. Union Station is in the blue area at the upper right at the east end of Elizabeth Street.
(From Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, Digital Library of Georgia.)

Suggested Reading:

Susan Lott Clark. The Unusual Story of the Okefenokee Heritage Center and Southern Forest World. Privately published, 2010. Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage. © Steve Storey

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